Not to Us
Oh Lord, Its Hard to Be Humble

Lip Service

Does anyone out there like it when someone says they will change or will do something, but in their hearts they really had no intention of doing what they said they would do? I doubt it. Surprise! God doesn't like it either.

In Jeremiah 42:1-3 the people pleaded with Jeremiah to pray to God for them and then to tell them what they should do so that they could obey God's Word. Can you guess what happened? Jeremiah spoke against what they had already made up their minds to do (they wanted to go to Egypt) and consequently, the "proud men" called Jeremiah a liar (Jer 43:1-3). Then, God threatens them again in the next chapter. Same story, different day.

Why were the people in Jeremiah's day so stubborn? I think that we all know the answer to that question. At least I know I do ... and the answer is "pride". For some reason, we ask God for help after we have already made up our minds what we are going to do. In our prayers we pray for God's will, say we will do it, and then when the time comes for action on our part we "conveniently" forget that we said we would accept God's plan.

Is anyone else ready for me to stop reading out of Jeremiah and the prophets? I'm ready for the New Testament! :) Until next time...