So Be It.
Where We Lead, They Will Follow

Pray Not?

Whew! Jeremiah gets exhausting sometimes! I may have to take a break and read some in Luke where I'm also reading. But for now, back to business.

I find it interesting that in the last few chapters of Jeremiah I have found verses where God tells Jeremiah specifically not to pray for Israel/Judah ('this people"). (Jer 7:16, 11:14, 14:11) What? Not pray? Because of "this people's" unrepentant sin, God must be implying that Jeremiah would only be wasting his time. After all, God says He won't hear the prayers and is ready to exact His judgment.

What a scary place to be, in a place where God has said "Enough of your attitude". Fortunately, our Lord gives us many chances to repent, does not expect perfection and is extremely patient with us. Thank You, Lord, for accepting my sincere apologies and giving me those many "second" chances!