Oh Lord, Its Hard to Be Humble

Promises, Promises

Finally I have completed my journey through Jeremiah. It definitely has been more enjoyable this time through it since I've been taking a few others with me with this blog.

Today, I read through two whole chapters (50-51) focused entirely on describing God's judgment against Babylon. I find it interesting how at one point in history God had used Babylon to punish the people of Judah/Jerusalem only to destroy Babylon later because of their idol worship and pride (don't worry, I'm not focusing on pride this time!).

Isn't it great how God always keeps His promises? Back in Jeremiah 25:11, it is prophesied that Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem would serve Babylon for 70 years. However, after that 70 years, Babylon would be punished (Jer 25:12). The God I serve will never forget about me, even if He has to correct me from time to time. (Jer 51:5).

Wouldn't it be cool if God would give us timelines (I'm thinking of months here, not 70-year timeframes) of when our lives would change just like He gave to Jeremiah? But I guess then that would affect our learning of patience and we would be proud that we knew His plans! :) God sure knows how to work us, doesn't He?