Think Before You Speak

Same Story, Different Day

Jeremiah 26. Once again I feel as if I'm reading the same things again and I guess that actually I almost am as this chapter is very similar to Jer 7:1-15. Our friend "Jer" is not making the people of Judah happy by his words from God once again and this time his life is threatened by some quick-speaking princes. He is saved from death by his own defence and the reminder of an elder to the people that maybe, just maybe, Jeremiah might be relaying God's message after all.

There are lots of lessons to be learned here. Aside from the common theme in this book of "change your ways or you will be destroyed", I have noted the following:

1) God doesn't really want to punish His people (including us). Otherwise why would He keep warning us to change our ways? See v 26:3 for God's hope that we will change so He doesn't have to act.

2) Who are we listening to for guidance? Discernment is key in what advice we take. Just because someone is telling us what we want to hear, doesn't mean they are right! 26:7-10.

3) Older may be wiser. We need to value the life lessons learned by our "elders". They have valuable information that may save us from a lot of unnecessary challenges if we will just listen and learn. 26:17-19.