Do I Have To?

Visions and Voices

Can you imagine being held captive, hanging out by the river with the other prisoners, looking up and seeing visions of God? First of all, I can't imagine what it would be like to be held captive. Secondly, I can't imagine seeing one actual vision of God, let alone multiple visions as Ezekiel saw at this moment when He was first called be a prophet. It's no wonder Ezekiel fell upon his face at the sight (Ez 1:28).

So what exactly did Ezekiel see before He heard the voice? Oh, I didn't mention that Ezekiel also heard the voice of God, did I? The others around him probably thought he was crazy! (In my mind, I've got the image of Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind" as people are watching him respond to the voices in his head.) Rather than try to describe what Ezekiel saw in detail, I'll refer you to Ezekiel 1. Let's just say that if I saw creatures coming out of the firey bright sky with wings, four faces on one head (man, lion, ox, eagle), above moving chariot wheels with eyes, I'd probably fall down too!

What does it take for us to hear God's voice calling out to us? And when we hear Him, how do we react to His message? Sometimes, I think in our hectic worlds, it might take a vision like Ezekiel saw. Personally, I think I'm going to try just listening to God's small voice in the quiet of my own home. (Ps 46:10).

Stay tuned to hear what God said to Ezekiel...