Weird Behavior

Water to Wine

To our Ladies Retreat speakers, singers, musicians, helpers and prayer warriors:

You may never read this, but I want everyone to know how thankful I am that you are allowing God to use you. I pray that the impact of your words and efforts, turned from "water to wine" by the power that only God can provide, will move our Grace ladies in a mighty way. Thank you.


From my reading some time ago in Anne Graham Lotz's book entitled "Just Give Me Jesus", I came across something she discussed that really shows the power of God to change whatever we do into a glorious work for Him.

Remember Jesus' first miracle where He turned the water into wine at the wedding feast? The servants dipped cups into the water, brought them to the master and wine appeared! Here's a quote from the book and as you read it, think of the "water" we put into our ministries and our lives and the "wine" that will result due to God's work.

"Can you imagine the thrill those servants experienced? It's the same thrill I've experienced again and again as I have climbed down from a pulpit to a standing ovation, acutely conscious of the water I had put into the message - the interrupted prayer time, the scattered thoughts, the flawed outline, the weak delivery - yet the wine flowed out. People responded to the message, lives were changed, and the demonstration of the power of God was evident. No one in the audience knew what this servant knew - that water had gone in, but wine had com out. And as I outwardly lift my hand in praise to God, inwardly I humbly acknowledge what only He and I know - that a quiet miracle has occurred." - Anne Graham Lotz.

As I read the quote then and now, I get goosebumps thinking about what God can do through us if we let Him. Thank You God, for the miracles You provide!