God's Inner Circle - Part 2
Flight of the Monarch

Intentional Worship

Reading through the latter chapters of Ezekiel this morning where the new vision of worship, offerings and temple are shown, I was reminded of how much time it must have took the people of Israel to worship God. As I look at all of the sacrifices that needed to be done just to be in God's presence, it makes me think of two things:

  1. How fortunate I am that I can come to God's throne just by praying.
  2. How lazy I really am in my worship of God.

I'm being lazy today.   I squeezed in my quiet time with God before I rushed off to work.  Last week, I squeezed it in between ministry duties.  Hmmmm....While there is something to be said about doing it at all, there is little to be said compared to what our forefathers had to do to be with God.

My question for today:  How much deeper a relationship could I have with God if I didn't have the seasons of rushing around with life?