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Cry Out to Jesus

True Sacrifice

The hurricane relief efforts are now underway and there are lots ways we can individually help.  Our church is also getting involved in providing aid.  I heard a short comment from a local news anchor last week as she was reporting from her station's fundraising call site that a  little girl called in and donated $1.25 to help with the relief efforts.  Does this remind anyone about the story of the poor widow who gave her two mites to the treasury?  I just read the story this morning in Luke 21:1-4.

What is important to remember is that I can't compare myself to others, I just need to do the best I can with whatever I have in the place where I am.  God looks at what I can give Him, whether it is money or my time and determines whether or not I am giving all that I have. From Luke 21:3, Jesus says:

Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all; for all these out of there abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.

Once again, God looks at the heart.