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You Can't Get Away From God

A Work in Progress

I was at a women's bible study on Tuesday when the truth hit me again.  My life experiences as far as life and ministry are NOTHING when compared to the "aged" woman.  As I listened to the comments of two "aged" woman of 63 and 39 (spiritually "aged"), I was so humbled by their wisdom.   

I am only 38 years old and the Women's Ministry Director of my church.  When I compare myself, as I'm not supposed to do (2 Cor 10:12) but can't help it sometimes I find myself wondering why God even gave me this responsibility.  Can anyone else relate?   Thankfully, after that bible study, I remembered to cast down my thoughts of comparison and focus on the following:

1) I am a work in progress.  No more, no less.  God will finish what He started, give me wisdom beyond my years, and hold my hand when I need help.  Thank You, Lord.

2) Nothing can take the place of a lifetime of experiences.  I will lead from my experiences, be sensitive to things I do not yet understand, and press on.

3) I will lead as I live, striving to stay a step ahead and seek counsel when I'm not familiar with my way, doing the best I can with what God has provided.  I will maintain a close walk with my Teacher.

I hope that you, my readers can be encouraged to just do what God is asking you to do no matter how big or small it is or whether you think you are capable or not.  As I think of these things, I wonder if our other leaders sometimes feel the same.  Our church body is pretty young as is its leadership.  We just need to keep pressing on, seeking God and doing the best that we can.

One final thought to ponder:  God doesn't always call the equipped, but He always equips the called.