Messianic Prophesies-II

Messianic Prophecies

I've made it now to almost the end of the book of Daniel where Daniel is starting to have visions concerning the end times. Poor Daniel was given these visions, not immediately told what to make of them, and they made him sick!  (Ch 8:27).  What a burden he had for his people.

Ever since my mom and dad took us to see "The Late Great Planet Earth" in the 1970's, I've been fascinated by prophecy.  I remember after seeing that movie as a young girl how terrified I was that the end of the world was near.   Thoughts of the second coming of Christ, the Anti-Christ and the End Times can be scary for those who don't know Jesus as Savior. 

Personally, while I think the study of the biblical prophecy is cool, I am much more edified in my Christian walk by choosing to study scripture that I can apply to build my character. The prophecy to me, is like candy, because I think it shows just how cool and unique the Bible really is.  Hmmm...the "coolness of the Bible" - sounds like another blog post! :)

For now, I'm going to list some of the most significant Messianic prophecies from the Old Testament, along with the New Testament verse showing the fulfillment of the prophecy (see note below):

  1. Born of a woman (Gen 3:14; Gal 4:4)
  2. Born of a virgin (Isa. 7:14; Matt. 1:21)
  3. He would be "cut off" 483 years after the declaration to reconstruct the  temple in 444 B.C. (Dan 9:24)
  4. Of the seed of Abraham (Gen 12:1-3; 22:18; Math 1:1; Gal 3:16)
  5. Of the tribe of Judah (Gen 49:10); Luke 3:23, 33; Heb 7:14)
  6. Of the house of David (2 Sam 7:12; Matt 1:1)
  7. Born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2; Matt 2:1; Luke 2:4-7)
  8. Anointed by the Holy Spirit (Isa 11:2; Mat t3:16-17)
  9. Heralded by the messenger of the Lord (John the Baptist) (Isa 40:3; mal 3:1; Matt 3:1-2)
  10. Would perform miracles (Isa 35:5-6; Matt 9:35)
  11. Would cleanse the temple (Mal 3:1; Matt 21:12)
  12. Rejected by Jews (Ps 118:22; 1 Pe 2:7)
  13. Die a humiliating death (Ps 22; Isa 53) (This is a list all of its own!)
  14. Would rise from the dead (Ps 16:10; Mark 16:6; Acts 2:31)
  15. Ascend into heaven (Ps 68:18; Acts 1:9)
  16. Would sit down a the right hand of God (Ps 110:1; Heb 1:3)

These prophecies were written hundreds of years before Christ was born!  Do you think our tabloid writers have that kind of accuracy?   That is all for now.

Note:  The above list was taken from the book When Skeptics Ask by Geisler/Brooks, p. 114-115.


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