Don't Forget God

Our Unchanging, Loving God

I recently heard someone make a comment about how they didn't see God as being very loving until we saw Jesus in the New Testament of our Bibles.  If you've been following my trek through the old testament prophets, I hope you have seen as well as I that God's love can be seen throughout the Bible equally.

Tonight I read about the story of Hagar and Ishmael and how they were cast out of their homes because Sarah couldn't handle the fact that Ishmael was a joint heir of Abraham's along with Isaac.  Sarah forces Abraham to cast Hagar and Ishmael out into the wilderness of Beersheba and in Chapter 21 verse 16 we find the "castaways" out of water, lost and alone and near death.  The good news is that they weren't really alone.  God was there.

Over the sobs of Hagar, God heard the crying (v 17) of  a dying teenage boy (Ishmael) and comforted Hagar via the angel of God by calling out of heaven.   I wonder what God was feeling when He heard the distress down on earth?  Did he feel sad too for these two victims of circumstance?  I like to think so.  God provided them water and saved them both.

What a lesson to be learned here.  I believe that God cares about us, no matter where we are, more than we can comprehend.  As Hagar wasn't alone even though it appeared to her that she was, neither are we. 

Thoughts I think about: 1) When I feel alone, do I seek God?  2) How can I help others realize that God is always there for them?