Shout to the Lord
A Work in Progress

Things about Me

Well, at the prompting my friend Bekah, I am posting some little things about me that you may or may not care to know.  It has been fun thinking of these things and I hope you enjoy them.  Happy reading!


I don't understand why people eat steak any way but Medium-Medium Rare.  No blood = Dry steak.

My favorite smells are 1) Nestle's Tollhouse chocolate cookies baking in the oven, (2) The smell of lilacs in the spring, (3) Food on someone else's grill when I'm on hole #18 on the golfcourse!

Toilet paper - Any way it gets on the roll is fine with me.  (this one is for Bek)

I don't like cats and they don't like me.

Dogs are people too.  Aren't dogs people?

My favorite hobbies are: (1) Anything but work! (2) Golf-I've "retired" due to lack of time from my other sports of volleyball, softball & basketball, (3) Reading, (4) Playing my baby grand piano (5) Spending time with friends-when I'm not busy with everything else

I LOVE driving around looking at the fall foliage.

I'm a Kansas resident and wouldn't change it, but a Missouri fan and alumnus.

My favorite sports to watch are NFL football (Go Chiefs!) and college basketball (Go Mizzou! And anyone who plays Kansas)

I was in Zeta Tau Alpha sorority in college, but I am NOT a "sorority girl".

I like computer games and actually enjoy being the only female at my brother's LAN parties.

Life is a big game and I hate to lose.   I am mellowing somewhat in this area.  Praise God!

My mom always told me to let the boys win...but I didn't listen.

My favorite classical movies are Gone With the Wind & The Sound of Music.

My favorite contemporary movie is Dangerous Liasons.

I love scary movies.

I love music and have too many favorites to pick just one.

Chess is a cool game.

I would never choose to live anywhere that I couldn't enjoy all of the four seasons.  I love the fall and the crisp air it brings in the morning.

Sunrises and sunsets are one of my favorite things to see each day (although I don't see many sunrises) and they remind me of God.

I hate coffee.

Coca Cola is my drink of choice.  Ice cold, out of the can!

With all my heart, I believe that McDonald's has the best Cokes of any fast food chain around.

I think my husband and I are addicted to frozen custard.  My favorite = chocolate with cookie dough.

Made from scratch Nestle's Tollhouse cookies (with semi-sweet chocolate chips) must have been what manna from heaven tastes like.

My favorite book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes.

I never, never dreamed I would be a "blogger"!

As I type, I'm fighting the urge to organize this list into categories!  :D