Lord, Teach Me to Pray
Persistent Prayer

Spiritual Indifference

The book of Malachi is an interesting book that I think accurately depicts the state of the world we live in today. Although in the U.S., most people say they are "Christians" or state that they are "spiritual", are they really seeking what God - the Creator of the universe - wants for them? Perhaps they don't even realize their state as the people in Malachi's day.

Because I can't think of a better way to completely summarize this book and the "spiritual indifference" it depicts, I'm going to take some excerpts from what is included in my study bible for this chapter (Nelson-Malachi: A Portrait of Spiritual Indifference). I'll lay out the people's questions to God and its corresponding application. Each one spoke to me.

1) "In what way have You loved us?" (1:2)

APPLICATION: Do we demand proof of God's love for us?

2) "In what way have we despised Your name?" (1:6); "In what way have we defiled You?" (1:7)

APPLICATION: Do we offer God our best in worship, or do we just go through the motions?

3) "In what way shall we return?" (3:7)

APPLICATION: When faced with our sin, do we make excuses? Do we recognize our wrongdoings?

4) "In what way have we robbed You?" (3:8)

APPLICATION: Do we gladly give to God?

5) "What have we spoken against You?" (3:13)

APPLICATION: Do we wholeheartedly serve God?

I challenge you to read this short book of the bible today and see where it speaks to you. What an interesting conclusion to our Old Testament.