God is With Us
For God, For You or For Show?

Hidden Treasure

Good afternoon, dear readers!  I feel that my posts have been erratic (time of day) of late, and I apologize for that.  I've been burdened about what to share today and God finally gave it to me.  Let's just say, that you will be blessed not to hear of more strange visions out of Zechariah.

I attended a Beth Moore bible study this morning, The Patriarchs, and it is a tiny portion of the lesson that I want to share with you.  We're studying the story of Joseph in Genesis 43 and it is about the time that Jacob's sons went to Egypt and met up with their brother, Joseph.   In Genesis 43:23, they were "caught" with silver in their pouches (Joseph's steward placed it there, read the story for more details) and were probably afraid for their lives. 

To get to the point, there is nothing like God's providence to bring about "treasure" from circumstances in our lives.  In the study, p. 210, Beth Moore says the following:

"Beloved, I don't know what kind of circumstances this season of your life poses, but could they be worse than those Jacob's sons perceived?  They could hardly experience deeper peril or greater risk, yet God's providence was in perfect play.  In the midst of His unfolding plan, He'd buried treasures for them to unearth at times they least expected.  Do you feel in deep peril?  At great risk?  Your God...has given you treasure.  Search for it."

Are you going through a difficult season in your life?  The year 2005 has been that for me.  Although a rough roller coaster ride at times, I still have managed to see the "treasure" God has placed there for me.  God will bless us if we just hang on long enough and don't bail out before He gives us that blessing.

What treasure has God left for you, buried in your life's "rubble"?