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The Bread of Life

Are you hungry?  Have you had your "Bread" today?  As I sit here, I can barely think of the words to say to describe to you how I feel about Jesus being our source of life.  I wish I thought in the old King James English because to me, it is so poetic that even simple phrases sound profound.   Hold on, friends, because I'm feeling profound - hopefully not confusing - in this post.  I'm inspired by my favorite gospel, the gospel of John.  Not to mention that I get the chance to write about my passion - the life that we can have through the power of God's Word in our lives.

Jesus says in John 6:48:"I am that bread of life."   I must ask, "How can we live without our daily "bread"?  Oh, we can live, but can we LIVE?  Will we have light (I'll call this brightness of life)  without the life that is in Him? (John 1:4).

To recap so far, Jesus was the Bread of Life, the Life and the Light of man.  Did I mention that He was the Word of God in flesh too? (John 1:14)  ... Whoa.   How can we know God and worship Him fully if we aren't filled with Him daily?

This is not new information for me, but I can honestly say that I've never smiled so much as I put it down on ... paper, LCD screen... this blog.  God is so awesome how He creates these mysteries for us to ponder.  But would I have pondered it today if I hadn't taken the time to seek Him in His Word?

Questions to consider:

1) Without regular food, can a body be strong?  When was the last time you missed a meal?

2) Without regular bible reading, can a Christian be strong of will to fight the battles of life? When was the last time you skipped a "meal"?