Who Should God be to Me? - Part I
Who Should God Be to Me? - Part II

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday

Hello everyone,

I wonder if everyone else has been as busy as I've been the past couple of days cleaning house for the overnight family guests, preparing meals (getting ready for the big meal - there must be an easier way to make deviled eggs!) and wrapping presents.  I will continue my thoughts regarding "Who God is to me" the day after Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you, my online friends.  May your day be awesome and may you find some time today to just be still and know that He is God (Ps 46:10), that Jesus is with you today and always.

Now though, I would like to wish my Friend a very Happy Birthday.  I went to a Christmas Eve service at my church tonight, and you know, I've only been to two Christmas Eve services in my lifetime? Ever.  The first was probably 13 years ago, and the second was about 9 hours ago.  Please keep in mind that our church meets in a middle school (for just a few more months though - yeah) and we have just not had the opportunity to have a Christmas Eve service until this year.  At any rate, I can think of no better way than to spend the night before Christmas with my church family.

So, Happy Birthday, Jesus.  I'm so glad that we've made it through another year.  Our Friendship grows more everyday and I am so thankful to Your Father (oh, and I know He is mine, too, in a spiritual sort of way), that He gave You to me more than 2000 years ago on this day. 

I can hardly imagine You as a tiny little baby, but yet I know that You were.  I bet You were cute.  Thank You for coming down to earth, wearing diapers, learning how to walk/talk, and going through those teenage years just for me.   Oh, and last but definitely not least, thank You for your walk up that hill to cross where You died for me too.

I hope the angels are singing "Happy Birthday" to You today, even though they sing praises to You every day.  Please forgive me ahead of time for getting so busy with the festivities on Your birthday that I might forget about you for brief moments in all of the hub-bub.  Help me to take a few seconds out of each minute in internal solititude to say "Thanks" to You and smile about You.

Thank You for being my Savior, my Lord, my Friend and My King.  Happy Birthday!