Endings...and Beginnings
Whiter Than Snow

The Mummy Lives

John 11. The story of Lazurus being raised from the dead.  I can relate to Mary and Mary, sisters of sick and dying Lazarus in this chapter.  I imagine that this was the quick view from their perspective:

  1. Their brother, Lazarus, was dying. (John 11:1)
  2. Jesus was summoned, but was taking His sweet time getting there to help. (John 11:6)
  3. Mary and Martha blamed Jesus for Lazarus' death. (John 11:21,32)

Does anyone remember from our trip through Ezekiel what God's main purpose is in all that He does?  He wants us to see His glory so that we will know that He is God. Remember that His thoughts are not our thoughts.  Duh...If Jesus was like us, upon hearing the news about His friend Lazarus, He would have gone into frenzy trying to get there to fix the problem!  :)  Instead, Jesus chats with His disciples, and takes two days to finally get to Lazarus.  Once He gets there, Jesus merely speaks and our mummified, smelly Lazarus is raised from the dead!  Wow.

When I think of the things going on in my own life and waiting on God's timing, I should think about how God is working things out on His timing for a glory all His own.  What better things - better than my feeble mind can imagine - will be done for Him in my life if I just wait for Him to work things out?  What a concept.  Can anyone else relate?

If Lazarus hadn't died from Jesus' delay, Jesus wouldn't have had the opportunity to perform His greatest miracle to date.   Think of how many people wouldn't have become believers, had Martha and Mary had their way.  Remember that everything is in God's hands.  He knows the big picture.