The Bread of Life
Who Should We Please?

Trust Me With Your Isaac

Life is a series of tests.  God gives us tests to determine our level of commitment to Him and if you haven't noticed, sometimes He keeps giving us the same tests over and over.  Did you know that each "test" you receive is uniquely yours?  God wants you to get the "A", not the "B","C", or dreaded "D" or "F".   Friends, what is your test? Will you get an "A" this time through?

I'm going to share a poem from Beth Moore's Whispers of Hope (Nashville: LifeWay Press, 1998, p 114-15) today.  Read it carefully, slowly, and try to put yourself in the text.  It is about tests...and our great reward.


For every Abraham who dares
to kiss the foreign field
where glory for a moment grasped
Is for a lifetime tilled . . .

The voice of God
speaks not but once
but 'til the traveler hears
"Abraham! Abraham! Bring your
Isaac here!"

"Bring not the blemished sacrifice.
What lovest thou the most?
Look not into the distance,
you'll find your Isaac close."

"I hear the tearing of your heart
torn between two loves,
the one your vision can behold
the Other hid above."

"Do you trust me, Abraham
with your gravest fear?
Will you pry your fingers loose
and bring your Isaac here?"

"Have I not made you promises?
Hold them tight instead!
I am the Lover of your soul -
the Lifter of your head."

"Believe me, O my Abraham
when blinded by the cost.
Arrange the wooded altar
and count your gains but loss."

"Let tears wash clean your blinded eyes
until unveiled you see -
the ram caught in the thicket there
to set your Isaac free."

"Perhaps I'll send him down the mount
to walk right by your side
No longer in your iron grasp
but safer still in mine."

"Or I may wrap him in the wind
and sweep him from your sight
to better things beyond your reach -
believe with all your might!"

"Look up, beloved Abraham.
Can you count the stars?
Multitudes will stand to reap
from one dear friend of God."

"Pass the test, my faithful one;
bow to me as Lord.
Trust me with your Isaac -
I am your great Reward."