Trust Me With Your Isaac
Judge not?

Who Should We Please?

In John 5:31-46, Jesus was trying to make the people understand who He was.  In His "speech", Jesus expressed that He didn't receive honor from men (John 5:41).  Jesus' following statement in  v44 questioning how the Jews could believe Him when they really just wanted to look good to other people brings up and interesting thought to me.  What are the spiritual ramifications of living a life to please men rather than God?

1) We may never believe in Jesus. - In the passage above, Jesus was making it clear that the Jews were learning the scriptures not for the truth, but so they could impress their friends.  This is the most devastating consequence of all.

2) We will miss out on rewards in heaven. - Paul writes his second letter to Timothy regarding the essentials of the Christian faith and basis of ministry.  In 2 Timothy 2:12, He states that if we deny Christ, He will deny us.  Based on the context of this verse, I believe it is probably talking about a loss of heavenly rewards for those who "deny" Christ.  If we seek to please people, we will undoubtedly be self-conscious in our behavior and will not live our lives as radically on fire for Jesus because we don't want to be considered Jesus freaks.

3) We will miss out on blessings here on earth. - How much time do you think is wasted, either by your or by others around you, worrying about getting hurt by others?  I believe it goes on all of the time. If we all just did what we knew what was right and allowed ourselves to take chances by loving other people as God has called us to do, I think the blessings we would receive would be endless.