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Just Hold On

For all of you readers who are going through a dark time, this post is for you.  I'm not going to tell you that your troubles will soon be over, but I can tell you that God wants to bless you through it because He has something in mind for you.  That, I know.

Last week in my Beth Moore bible study "Patriarchs" we discussed Jacob and his wrestling match with God.  I'm going to share with you some truths from the video related to session 6 and as always, I pray that what I share touches your heart and provides you hope.  Here we go! (Note: items in bold/quotes are directly from Beth Moore's video viewing guide, session 6).

In Genesis 32:24-32, we are eyewitnesses to Jacob's wrestling match alone and in the dark with the stranger who turned out to be God Himself.   Keep in mind that previously Jacob had just found out that he would be facing his brother Esau, of whom he was very much afraid.  Jacob had sent his family ahead of him and had gotten alone to pray in this night before the impending encounter with Esau when we find him in v. 24.

PRINCIPLE #1:  "We are who we are without our gang and our game." (Ge 32:24). 

This story, as Beth Moore puts it, is about an "honest fight".  As Jacob was alone with God that night, he was facing God as he truly was, not who he was when he was around other people with his game face on.  Who are you really

PRINCIPLE #2: "Sometimes in the dark of our night seasons, we don't know with whom we're struggling until the light begins to dawn."

Read the above principle one more time.  Have you been there?  Are you there right now?  Jacob wrestled in the dark with God Himself and didn't realize with whom He was fighting until daybreak.  It takes a long time of self analysis to see that sometimes we are really struggling with God, doesn't it?  I have found that most times in my "night seasons" that the issue might not be the other person or situation that I am fighting.  The core issue behind the problem was some part of my personality that God wanted to change for His glory.

PRINCIPLE #3: "In every struggle do not let go until the blessing comes."

In verse 26, Jacob states that he is not letting go until God blessed him.  My first reaction to this statement was that Jacob was being pretty demanding.  However, consider this.  Jacob had been fighting all night long and at least wanted something good to come out of his efforts.  Friends, this so applies to us.   We know that God wants to change us and that He wants to conform us to the image of His Son.  We know that God changes us through His purifying "fire" in the trials of our lives.  If we give up before we get what He wants to give us, what then was all of the fighting for?  Keep on keepin' on.  God has great plans for all of us!


1) Keep looking for what God wants you to learn from your difficulties.  He has something He wants to teach you.

2) God wants us to be overcomers.  Jacob got a new name and so will we someday.  (Rev 2:17).  What if we believed God enough to let Him make us totally new?