Wolves Among Sheep

What is the Real Reason?

I am easily entertained by the funny quirks or behavior patterns of people.  Just today, I was having a discussion with a friend regarding the excuses Christians use for not getting involved in or just participating in ministry, not praying or not reading their bibles.  Sometimes the reasons are valid, sometimes they aren't.  The bottom line to consider here is that people can always justify a reason for their actions.

Let's look at Demetrius the silversmith in Acts 19:23-27. Paul was preaching in Ephesus and apparently upset some people. :)  I love understatements.  Paul's preaching incited a riot! (28--35)! (I've probably upset some people before but have never gone this far!)  But why was a riot started?  Because Demetrius stirred up the other silversmiths by telling them that if the people believed Jesus was THE God, then their industry would be shot.  Keep in mind that the city of Ephesus was a big time worshipper of the goddess Diana and that the silversmiths made a lot of money making shrines of the goddess.   Aha.

Can you see my point here?  Demetrius couldn't believe in Jesus because he would have to give up too much to believe.  The thought of losing what he had clouded his mind.  I bet he didn't even give Paul a chance.  What are you holding on to that is hindering your relationship with and service to God?  What would you have to give up to be sold out for God?