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Pancakes & Praise

One of my favorite blogs had a post today so pertinent to each one of us that I wish to highlight it today in addition to my regular entry.  In her post, Anneliese beautifully describes a surprise breakfast to her family by making pancakes from scratch (Can't you just smell them?  You will smell them when you visit her blog).  She then relates her families' appreciation for them to how we should be appreciative of God's gift to us in His Son. 

God made a sacrifice, an unspeakable gift to us, when He sent His son Jesus to die for our sins.  Like parents love to hear a word of thanks for their efforts and gifts to their children, God loves to know that we appreciate Him too.  Please visit Anneliese's site, Tea Time, as she describes our gift of praise so much better than I.   I guarantee that you will be blessed.   Thanks, Anneliese for your wonderful words today.