Carnival Day
God Is On the Throne

Power Prayer

Hello everyone,

This week has been strange.  I feel like I haven't posted in forever, yet I have.  I feel like it is Friday, but it isn't.  And I feel like I've worked hard all week, but I haven't done that either.  Hmm....maybe I'm in the twilight zone!  Today in my daily reading I've come across a prayer of the apostle Paul that I find myself praying often for the people in my church in general whether I know them or not, ladies in my women's ministry lead team, small groups & so on.   I guess I pray this for a lot of people.  Actually, I even pray it for those who stop by this site and so this is my prayer for my readers today.  So what is this prayer? Colossians 1:9-11.  Let's take a look.

Col 1:9 For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding:

Because you have been such a blessing to me with your comments, your own blogs, and just the fact that I know you stop by because of the little sitemeter, I pray for you.  I know that even if you don't see it yourselves, you are bearing fruit in your lives because of your faith and what you are doing in service to God, no matter how small.  I pray that you will grow closer to God through bible study and prayer so that you may know His will for your life and so that you will be filled with God's presence.

Col 1:10 That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.

Friends, I pray that everything you do pleases God and pray fruitfulness for your lives.  Most of all, I pray that you increase in your knowledge of God because from Him is the source of all life.  Besides, He wants us to know Him. (Jer 9:23)

Col 1:11 Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness;

Ah, my favorite part.  I pray for you strength to continue in this "race" you are running.  Strength to tackle the many projects and the many disappointments...strength that can only come from God's glorious power.  Soak that in for a minute.  We have access to God's glorious power.

Col 1:16-17 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

My final prayer for you today is this, that you will grow closer in understanding the God to whom you pray in all of His majesty.  I pray that you are awestruck with the sunshine, the rain, the snow (for  Tracy) or whatever He has put in your life today that makes you see Him, and that you remember that the God of all creation is smiling about you.  Have a blessed day!