Are You an Overcomer?

Celebration of Weirdness

Well, I've been tagged by Boomama.   As you know, I rarely participate in the "fun" memes (Thankful Thursday, Thursday Thirteen, etc.) because they don't fit into my blog's theme.  However, if I am tagged, I will participate because (1) I love getting to know the little things about people and (2) I do like to be a team player.  So, please, before you read these weird (if I can come up with some) things about me, please take the time to read my real post for today on Rev 1-3.  Okay?

So, the game is this.  I'm supposed to tell everyone six weird things about myself.  Personally, I'm not sure they will be as entertaining as some but they are mine.  Okay, here goes:

1) Milk is complicated.   I hate milk, unless I'm drinking it with chocolate chip cookies, oreo cookies,  those awesome Lofthouse cookies or brownies.

2) Its a texture thing. I like banana and strawberry flavored foods, but I do not like the fruit themselves.   Ewww...

3) Tragic thrills.  I get a thrill out of natural disasters or tragedies...flash floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.  I don't know why that is because I don't want anyone to get hurt and I don't want to be a part of them, but they are just exciting to me.

4) Keep hot food hot.  I am really obsessed about eating my hot food when it is hot.  It stresses me out to drive home with McD's french fries because they lose some heat on the way home.

5) Loose socks - yuck. It really bugs me to see people in their sock feet when the sock is flapping loosely off the end of the toes.  If my socks get that way, I will change them or take them off.

6) Layered food preparation - Some foods can only be made ready to eat in certain ways. They just don't taste the same any other way.  :)

Baked potato - salt first, then butter, then cheese, bacon & finally sour cream on top. No chives.
Tacos - meat first, then lettuce.  Add cheese, then tomatoes, olives, sauce and finally sour cream on top.
Oreos (double stuff a must-and more than one at a time) - twist apart, eat "stuff", twist apart, eat "stuff", then eat all the outsides at once ---- with milk!! But no dunking.

Okay.  That is my six.  Unfortunately, I could have done more. I'm weirder than I originally thought!  I'm sparing everyone the tag though because I don't want to retag.  Hope you enjoyed the weirdness!