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LBY Week 2-To Live By the Spirit

Week 2 of our "Livng Beyond Yourself" study ended this week.  I am always amazed that no matter how many times I have studied a particular topic or read a certain bible passage that God always uses it in a fresh new way for me.  This week, much of the subject of the Holy Spirit was review for me, but I still enjoyed it and gleaned some new things from it.  God's word is alive and unsearchable, amen?

Starting with the video, I was majorly impacted by the steps to being filled with the Spirit - How we need to pour out ourselves to God in confession of sins and releasing our burdens to Him so that we can be filled up with Him and be able to give of ourselves to others.  I've spent a lot of time in the "pouring out" this week. That has been good.

So is anyone else ready to become more than a "mere" woman through the power of the Holy Spirit?  I know that I am!  But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself thinking about Super Woman, now aren't I?  Our pastor alluded to this - not Superwoman - in his sermon on Sunday pertaining to Jesus' first miracle at the wedding in Cana.  Addie and I thought it was so cool that this sermon went so well with what we had been learning through this study.  It also reminded me of an earlier post I had made on this subject of how God turns the "water" of our lives into "wine" for His glory.  Check it out here.

As I review the lessons right now, I'm reminded of how hard it is to boil down the lessons into one simple blog post.  There is so much that was my "favorite" part!  I think now I'm just going to quote some of my favorites from here on and call it a night.  Here goes:

Quenching the Spirit  (Eph 4:30) - It saddens me to think of how much I personally make God sad or grieve every single day when I fail Him.  When Beth Moore stated that to grieve someone would be to "break his heart", that cut me to my core.   I wonder how much I really quench the Spirit of God in my life?  Lord, help me to let even my instincts be glorifying to You!

The burden of revival and the healing of a nation fall upon the prayers of God's people. (Lesson 5, p. 44) --- Do I need to say anymore about that one?  Just read 2 Chr 7:14 if you want to be convicted some more.

Judge things not people. (p.45) - What a great way to put the whole judgment thing down into words.  I loved it.  We can't judge someone's heart, because only God can do that accurately, but we are able to discern what actions are right or wrong because we can see them.

The spiritual life will never come "naturally".  (p. 45) We must be deliberate.  I liked particularly how Beth says that "Certainly God wills us to 'grow in the knowledge' of the Lord Jesus Christ, that we may be thoroughly furnished; but the issue of spirituality rests upon "yieldedness" to the Holy Spirit's control."  What was so cool to me was that in my daily reading this came up as well.  Check out this if you like.

Well, that is all I'm going to write here.  I need to get to bed!!! I'm looking forward to hearing from each of you and reading your posts as well.  To the readers who are not participating in this study, I still welcome your insights on the topics presented.  The list of participants is below.

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