Full Joy

Wonder Working Power

Alternate Title: Living on the Edge

Isn't faith fun?  We get persecuted for our faith, challenged by our faith, encouraged by our faith and we have to work for our faith.  The testing of our faith produces patience.  But, in order to get faith in the first place we need to have faith.  What in the world is that all about anyway?  Okay, I know what that is all about, but isn't it deep?  So deep.  Deep, but fun, huh?

I've mentioned before that our church is just starting a brand new life stage because we have just moved into a new building and don't know where God is taking us from there.  In speaking to some friends, I've said that I feel like I'm on a new roller coaster - and I love them, by the way, the bigger/faster/wilder, the better - and I'm going up the first hill.  Can you hear the "click,click, click, click, click" of the cars locking in as we are pulled upwards.  What is over the hill?  None of us can see that clearly because we've never been here before.  That is where faith comes in.  Soon we will all be feeling the "wind in our hair" as the excitement becomes reality.

How does the thrill of the unknown affect you?  Does it energize you are make you fearful?  The good news is that God is in control and gives us all the power to survive change.  He supplies us with all that we need to do what He has called us to do.   Without fail.  I'm closing today with a letter from me included in our April newsletter.  Guys who are reading, please don't check out just because the letter is addressed to my ladies.  The principles still apply. 

Dear Women of Grace,

I’m so excited about my letter to you this month. God has so much in store for each of you, more than you can even imagine (1 Cor 2:9). Did you know that? More importantly, do you believe it? After hearing Pastor Tim speak a couple of Sundays ago about how Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding of Cana (John 2), I can’t stop thinking about what God can do in our lives if we just let Him have complete control. Those servants were people just like you and I. They simply did what Jesus asked them to do.

What is God asking you to do for Him today? What is your answer to Him? Do you realize that when God asks you to do something for Him that He will supply all that you need to get it done? Remember again that the servants were just doing what they were asked and Jesus did the rest. Let me reiterate…Jesus did the rest. Our Old Testament Moses didn’t have anything to offer but the shepherd’s rod that was in his hand, and God used him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Now, Moses is someone I can relate to with all of his excuses! Oh, I wish I could look each one of you in the eyes and tell you how important you are in God’s plan and to not be afraid to step out in faith and do what He is asking of you right now!

So what are we waiting for? As Christians we have access to the greatest power the world has ever known! All we have to do is plug in to the Source through daily time of prayer and bible reading. It really is that simple. God can turn the "water" of our lives into "wine" any time that He wants to…and believe me, He wants to do it so that others will see your miracle happen and will know that He is God.

He is God. Our God is God and wants to use us in a mighty way. Let’s get to work and let Him be glorified!

In Him,