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Can You Handle the Blessing?

Are you impatient with God?  I would bet that most people would answer "yes" to that question.  And...if they haven't been impatient lately, they will be again at some point.   It is just a matter of time.   It is sometimes hard to swallow, but God's timing really is better than ours. 

In Exodus 23, God promises to send his Angel before the people to drive out the current inhabitants of the land as they journey to the promised land.  However, God also tells them that He would not drive them out in one year, because the Hebrew nation wasn't yet big enough to take over the land.  God didn't want the land to become desolate and overtaken by beasts in the absence of human inhabitants.  (Ex 23:29). 

So how does this apply to me?  Well, in my ministry, I want to see the fruit of my labor now.  In my relationships, I want to see the fruit of my efforts now.  Am I ready for all of this "fruit"?  Possibly not.  I may get it and it could rot on the ground because I don't have time to pick it up.  Our church, after a recent move into a first-time-ever building of our own, may or may not get the rapid growth that we desire or expect based on statistical information of like-kind situations.    What "fruit" are you waiting for?

Instead of being sad about our wait for our blessings, whatever they may be, we should be thankful for God's protection.  In time, God will dole out His promises to us, when we are ready to handle them.  Look what He told Israel:

By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased and inherit the land.  (Ex 23:30)

In the New Testament, we also see that God, through the Holy Spirit, waits until we are ready sometimes even to teach us something new.  Jesus told this to His disciples, but it applies to each of us as well:

I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.  (John 16:12)

God has some driving out to do.  Maybe that "driving out" is in us to get us ready for His blessing?  One day we will be ready to take over ALL of the "land" that He has promised us.  It just may be that we haven't grown enough to be effective yet.