Can You Handle the Blessing?
I Will Meet With Thee

God's Heart

I love it when God "speaks" to me in a passage where I'm not expecting it.   I'm sure some of you can relate to this.  As I started to read this morning starting through Exodus 26, my main thought was "I just want to get through all of this boring detail regarding the tabernacle so I can write about Israel's idol worship while Moses was on the mountain."  Well, I think that God had other plans for me this morning.   Yes, I got through most of the tabernacle detail.  No, I didn't get to the part where Moses came back down from the mountain.  God stopped me at the following:

And I will dwell among the children of Israel, and will be their God, And they shall know that I am the LORD their God, that brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, that I may dwell amoung them: I am the LORD their God.   (Exodus 29:45-46)

I wonder if God ever feels lonely.  Think about all of the trouble He went to in telling Moses how to build a temple, prepare sacrifices, make special clothing for the priests, etc., just so God could dwell among His people.  God is so holy and pure that nothing imperfect can even come near Him yet He still wants to live among His people.  He still wants to live with us.   Reread the passage above.  Can you sense the longing in God's voice that He just wants fellowship with us?  He wants us to remember the good things He has done for us and for us to know His character so that we will know His goodness.  God created us for a relationship - a friendship - with Him.

Christian, is your heart pure enough to enter into God's inner circle?  Have you come clean before Him through confession of your sins and a determination to live life fully for Him once again?  Other friends, those who have not believed on Jesus as their Savior, do you want to become a friend of God?  Do you want to join in God's inner circle of friends?  He wants to be our Friend.  A true Friend. 

Questions to consider:

  1. What do I need to change to be a better friend to God
  2. When was the last time I thanked God for bringing me out of my "Egypt"?