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Paying Attention

Once upon a time a well-known greedy fortune teller was called upon to curse another country.  He pretended to have an intimate relationship with that country's god so that he would be looked upon favorably by his lord.  That country's God got mad and sent an angel to visit the greedy fortune teller.  The greedy fortune teller did not see the angel, but his donkey did...and then the donkey started to speak. Finally, our greedy fortune teller saw the Lord.

Anyone who thinks that that the bible is boring apparently hasn't taken much time to read through its pages.  Fortune telling, angels appearing, greed and talking animals are all within its pages.  The story above is another "Janna's paraphrase" of a portion of Numbers 22.  It is the story of how Balaam, a well-renowned pagan prophet, had an encounter with the one true God.

You see, Balak, the king of Moab, was scared of Israel because Israel, through God's hand, had just begun defeating some of its enemies on their journey to possess their promised land.  Because of Balak's fear, he called up Balaam, the best pagan prophet in town,  to talk to the God of Israel and turn God's blessing on them into a curse.  Balak would do anything for a price and accepted the challenge.  Little did Balaam know, but he would later see the Angel of the Lord, the one true God, face to face, and be asked to go work for Him!

Things don't often turn out as we plan, do they?  We have our own motives and go our own ways for a time until we run into obstacles that we don't understand.  We continue to press through the obstacles in our own power, not realizing at the time that they were put there by God.  We don't realize that the obstacles in our path were placed there by God to protect us from future pain, until in our pain, we start to seek God's guidance with our whole hearts.  Even we are often like Balaam.  Balaam's donkey saw God's warnings before he did! 

Father, please open our eyes so that we may see you face to face for the truth that You are.  Remove the blinders of pride, greed and self from our eyes so that we can know Your will for our lives.  Help us to be obedient to Your will.  Amen.

Stay tuned until next time... for more on Balaam & King Balak.