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Run to God

It is late, or early, depending upon how you look at it.  No matter how I look at it though, the alarm clock is going to go off too soon, considering it is 1:00AM and I'm not sleeping!  The sleeplessness is a good thing though, as it is an indicator of a renewed passion for the ministry God has entrusted me with. I am once again amazed at how God puts people and circumstances into our lives at just the right times to give us direction - if we are truly seeking His guidance, that is.

For instance, a bible study I'm currently involved in (Walking By Faith-Jennifer Rothschild), hit me right where I am tonight.  God's timing is so perfect.  As I was doing my homework tonight, the following verse popped right out at me:

Patient endurance is what you need now, so you will continue to do God's will.  Then you will receive all that he has promised.  (Hebrews 10:36 NLT)

Patient endurance is exactly what I need right now.  Exactly.  Funny thing is, that I'm sure I've NEVER read this verse in this particular translation before but the words were exactly what I needed to hear.  Only God could be so perfect.  After CLASS, which I've mentioned in the last few posts, I've got so many things that I want to get done and so many "places" that I want to go. However, I know that I must take my time, spend my energy like I'm running a marathon rather than a sprint, and wait on God for direction.  Can anyone out there relate?

Quoting Jennifer Rothschild in p. 62 of the Walking By Faith study guide:

Remember that after you've run a while, the race begins to feel long.  You pound the pavement, winded and weary, and can easily get discouraged or feel like dropping out before the finish...Staying in the race requires something more substantial than not quitting or wishing our needs were met.  It takes something more gratifying than yearning for the goal.  It takes a deep desire for God.

Fellow Christians, the race is long but it is worth it, even if we sometimes forget the purpose for which we are running.  As Jennifer says above, it takes more to stay in the race than just a resolve not to quit.  We need to rely on God completely, understanding that His plans for us are more wonderful than we can ever imagine.  What is your race? What is motivating you to stay in the race? 

Father, I thank You for the strength that only You can provide in this marathon of Christian service.  I pray not only for myself, but for all of the Christian leaders in Your Church, that we will wholeheartedly seek Your face and Your direction for our lives and our ministries.  Thank You, Lord, for enabling us, counting us faithful and putting us into the ministry for Your glory.  May we give our best efforts to please You.  Amen.