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The Patience of Jesus?

I didn't post a lot last week because my husband and I were out of town on somewhat of a golf vacation.  For those of you who like to play golf, you would be jealous of the course I played on for three days and the weather where we we staying.  We went to Camdenton, a little town in Missouri near the Lake of the Ozarks and played on Old Kinderhook Golf Course in sunny 75-85 degree weather.  Perfection. Except for my golf game at times.  So what does this have to do with the patience of Jesus, as this post's title suggests?  You see, golf tries my patience.  Waiting on slower players.  Waiting on myself to get my act together and hit a decent shot.  These things try this Type A personality's patience!

Did you realize that Jesus' patience was tested all of the time?  I never really thought about it until tonight as was reading Beth Moore's "Jesus the One and Only".  In the 19th chapter of the book, she is writing about a time where Jesus resurrected a dead boy's body in the city of Nain (Luke 7:11-17).  In this instance, Jesus saw the mother of the boy in her grief and reacted in compassion and resurrected him.   The interesting point that Beth Moore brought out was how Jesus didn't always heal the sick even though He probably wanted to because of His compassion for the hurting.  She points out on p. 118-119 that:

Jesus ran into a woman in hopeless despair and just reacted with what came most naturally to Him - healing mercy.  Oh, how I praise Him!  I believe we possibly have a small glimpse into what christ would do in every one of our despairing situations if a greater plan was not at stake.  I believe what comes most naturally to Christ every time He encounters need is to instantly fix it.  Is it possible He exercises great restraint to work any other way in the face of devastation?  I think so.

A plan of profound importance exists that sometimes overrides the miracle we desparately desire.  I am comforted to know that instantaneous healing and resurrection power come even more naturally to our Christ than waiting and working through long but necessary processes.  The biggest reason why I can trust in the sovereignty of God is because I am so utterly convinced of the sweetness of God.

What does this say to you?  It makes me want to love Jesus all the more when I think about how His first reaction is to relieve our suffering.  As Beth says, God must be sweet. It must hurt Him when He knows He must wait to help us because of the larger plan in the scheme of life.   To me, that is true patience.


Read through the gospels with the sole purpose of getting to know our Jesus better, rather than just understanding the history and the stories He told.  Look for His emotions and try to imagine what He was feeling in each circumstance.   Your view of Jesus will never be the same.