Pray Before You Act
And So Joshua Did

The Sun Stands Still

In my last post we left Joshua and the Israelites after they had just erroneously made a covenant with the Gideonites to allow them to live in their land.  Remember that the Israelites didn't ask for God's guidance in the matter, they relied on their own wisdom and thus ended up disobeying God's orders.  It must be remembered however, that God did not reprimand them for a mistake.  After all, this time they didn't purposely disobey.

We find in Joshua 10 that five different Canaanite kings decided to band together and attack Israel.  To me, this would be a pretty scary time to be living, especially as an Israelite when everyone is out to get them.  But God delivers Joshua & Co. once again from destruction:

And the Lord said to Joshua, "Do not fear them, for I have delivered them into your hand, not a man of them shall stand before you."  (Joshua 10:8)

Have you ever "heard" God say that to you?  If you haven't heard Him before, I bet you were not listening very carefully.  God loves to deliver His people to show His glory to the world.  Look at verse 10:

So the LORD routed them before Israel... (Joshua 10:10)

God is moving all of the time, just like He was back then in Joshua's day, routing the approaching armies into the direct path of waiting Israelite soldiers. God facilitated the victory!  (See also 10:19, 25, 30, 32, 42).   God delivers on His promises when we are obedient to His ways.  He also listens to our prayers and cries for help just as He did that day when the sun stood still.

And there has been no day like that, before it or after it, that the Lord heeded the voice of a man; for the Lord fought for Israel.  (Joshua 10:14)

The Lord heeded the voice of a man.  God listens.  Still.   

To think about:    Is there an area in your life where you desperately need victory?  When was the last time you fervently asked God for help in that area?