Feeling Helpless?

A Pure Heart

And all the people took notice of it, and it pleased them: as whatsoever the king did pleased all the people.  (2 Samuel 3:36)

What are you known for?  Are your actions "pleasing" to other people?  I'm not speaking of your actions being pleasing to others because you have tried to win favor with them, but of your overall persona.  Do you live a life of integrity, stability and humility?  Are you known for having pure motives?

I think of these things as I muse about the character of biblical King David.  While David was by no means a perfect man, he was well known for his character - his seeking after God's heart.  If we try to please God rather than man, we will still wind up pleasing man anyway for the most part in the areas of character.    In the passage above, we see that whatever David did pleased all the people.

I admire David for what I've seen in the few passages ending 1 Samuel and continuing through 2 Samuel 3.  Do you remember that David had been chased by King Saul who was threatening to kill him?  Also, you must know that Saul's man Abner was in on this too as he was Saul's main general.    Knowing this, I find it amazing how David mourned over Saul (2 Samuel 1:12) and also mourned over Abner's death as well (2 Samuel 3:32).  David had such a tender heart, didn't he?  A heart like God's.  David was able to love these departed souls in spite of all of the recent past history.  Amazing.  It is no wonder that the people under David's reign loved him.  He practiced what he preached.  He walked his talk.  And most importantly, he sought after God.

What can we learn from this passage?  As with most scripture, we can learn a lot of things so long as we take the time to dig for the treasure within.    Here's what I'll be thinking about until next time:

1) What am I doing to demonstrate my beliefs through my actions so that others will know my heart?

2) What is the state of my heart towards those who have been less than kind to me?

3) Who in my life do I need to forgive?

Lord in heaven, I thank You for the truths of Your word that never change.   I thank You for putting the examples of real people in the pages of our bibles so that we can see what it really looks like to emulate Your love.  Change us and mold us so that our thinking and our actions reflect Your glory.  Amen.