How Shall I Go?
Determined Kindness

For Our Own Good

God's way is always the best way.  Period.  End of story.  I'm really trying to remember this as I search for a new church home.  I'm trying also to remember that God's timing is also God's way and is also the best.   I'm believing that I won't rush into anything (a church, a ministry opportunity, etc.) until I am fully confident that I've waited on God's timing for my fate.  I am, after all,  a different person than I was several years ago. 

With all of that said, I can see the reason that through my reading of a very lesson-full 2 Samuel 6, the one section that leaped off the page to me was the part about how Uzzah was killed by God for touching the ark of God.  Uzzah was merely trying to keep the ark from jiggling off of the pretty new cart it was being carried on (2 Sam 6:3,6). Why then, was this a problem?

The problem was that God wants things done His way because He has our own best interests at heart.  First of all, the ark of God was supposed to be carried on the shoulders of men via special long poles put through gold rings on the ark (Ex 25:12), rather than be thrown on a cart like a common thing.  Had the ark not been put on a cart, it would not have started to fall off in the first place.   Thus, error #1.  Error #2 was the fact that only priests (I read this in Matthew Henry's commentary) could touch the ark.  Uzzah was not a priest and consequently his carelessness, albeit with good intentions, cost him his life.

So how does this story relate to you and me?  We, after all probably won't be coming into contact with the ark of God.  However, God still has certain plans for our lives that He wants us to take seriously.   While we may not "die" literally from not following His instructions, we will definitely not have the entire life that God has planned for us.   The good news is, if we follow the instruction manual of God's Word, we can have lives that are more abundant than we can imagine.

To think about:

1) How does God want me to live His way today?

2) How can I get to know How God wants me to achieve His purposes for my life?

3) How well do I know God through His word and the instruction manual for life?

Lord, help me to revere you in my both my corporate worship time at church and my personal worship time throughout my daily life's activities.  Show me how I can live for you.  Reveal to me more each day through Your word who You are and how I can do all things Your way.  Amen.