Our Life's Landscapes - Part IV of IV

Our Life's Landscapes - Part III

Now that I think I'm finally getting back on track, I'm going to resume discussing my personal lessons learned from our speaker at our women's conference.   As I discussed in an earlier post, The Promised Land was the landscape we visited first.    The promised land is home.  However, what happens when you feel that God is moving you away from "home"?  You must seek God for answers to your questions.  Just as Elijah did in 1 Kings 18:1-19:18, we must go up the "mountain" to seek God's face for these answers.

The Mountain of God.  What answer are you seeking in your life? Is there something going on or has something happened that you don't understand?  Are you unsettled in your status quo and seeking direction?  The questions are endless as we all are in different phases of our life's journey.  I have recently been up that mountain of God, seeking His answers and direction for my life.   

It was interesting to me how the topics of this conference, selected in late spring of this year, were so applicable to my life in November.  I had, after all, thought I'd been in my promised land, but was wondering if another was really it.  And in the past two months had trekked up the mountain of God seeking direction.  I got direction and have now acted on that direction, which I will share in a subsequent post.

I can imagine Elijah on that mountain, fearing for his life and wondering if God still loves him at all.  Our speaker, Beth Booram, pointed out that underneath all of our tough questions for God is probably just one question: "God, do you love me?".  Pretty simple, but pretty profound when you think about it.  We can get through about anything as long as we know that someone - especially God - loves us, can't we?  God does love us and will speak to us, but not always in the ways we expect to hear Him.  Elijah didn't hear or see God in the wind or in the earthquake or in the fire, but heard God in a "still small voice" after things calmed down.  (1 Kings 19:11-12).  It was then that we see Elijah pouring out his troubled heart to God.

Have you let the storms of your mind calm down to hear God's small voice?  I picture this voice as the whisper of a father in his upset child's ear as He gently rocks the child to sleep.  God loves us more than we can imagine and will speak to us when we are ready to hear Him.  He wants to and will give us direction when we journey up that "mountain" to seek Him and only Him.