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A Familiar Song Revisited

I decided just now that rather than post on my gleanings from 2 Samuel 17, which I will post on tomorrow, I wanted to take a moment to think about the reason for our Christmas season, Jesus, our Savior, Counsellor and Prince of Peace. 

I'm sure a lot of us are bustling around with our Christmas lists in hand trying to get all of our Christmas duties done while still trying to maintain the normalcy of our already busy lives.  I haven't yet begun my Christmas shopping, but now just thinking about dealing with the crowds and all is starting to stress me out.  So while we're all out and about, since we're bound to be hearing Christmas songs on the radio and on the overhead speakers in the stores, I thought we could revisit a post I made last year on my favorite Christmas carol/hymn "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!

Please take some time to visit this post and may you shop today with lightness in your step as you think about why the angels were singing.