Newness of Life
Broken Light

And behold, it was very good

And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good... (Genesis 1:31)

Yesterday was an unseasonably warm day here in Kansas City.  Had it not been for the tell-tale signs of winter such as leaves being gone from the trees and some ice on the ponds and creeks, one might have thought it was spring.  The air was moist, the temperature was mild, and the birds were even singing.  On afternoon such as yesterdays, I couldn't resist taking a walk through my local park, even though it was slightly windy and just a touch under 60 degrees.

I was blessed by God as I walked through the woods and thought and prayed, noticing God's handiwork all around me. I thought of my reading from 2 Samuel yesterday as David offered up his song of thanksgiving to God and I offered my own prayers of thanks.  As I walked and prayed I made the following observations:

1) The birds just seemed happy.  I saw a couple of bluebirds, some robins, sparrows, chickadees, a cardinal and a big blue heron that resides at this park near the pond within.  Speaking of the pond, the mallard duck family was still swimming, even in December, on the unfrozen area. 

2) The squirrels still seemed ornery. Do animals think? Do they wonder where they will get their next meal or their next source of happiness?  I don't think so.  Needless to say, the little wild animals in the park are still around in December.

3) Moving water does not freeze...will moving people never freeze? As I looked at the different water bodies in the park I noticed that there were certain areas in the pond and the creek around the park that had not yet frozen.  Whynot?  After all, we recently had 6 inches of snow here and below freezing temperatures.  Because moving water does not freeze.  I think people are the same way.  When we stop "moving", we stop growing and begin to get set in our ways and lose our ability to impact others in a positive way.  Something to think about.

4) Even in winter, things are still alive.  Some of the bushes and trees had lingering berries on them.  Every blade of grass had not yet gone dormant as some retained their green color.  All of the water had not yet frozen.  The squirrels were still playing.  And the birds were still singing.  Are you in a winter season of life?  It will pass, just like our physical winter always does, and things will start to bloom again.  Why?  Because while we are still walking on this earth, the life inside us never totally dies, even though we sometimes think it has. It has just gone dormant, waiting for a spark to warm things up again.

Those are my reflections on my walk yesterday.   As I said, God gave me many blessings as I walked and  prayed.  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. (Psalm 150:6)