Looking Up
Royal Priesthood

Further Still

I was all excited about the post I was going to make today regarding how we are of the royal priesthood of believers, contrasting us with the Levitical priesthood.  However, that will have to wait for another day.  You see, once again, I went to my Thursday night Beth Moore bible study and came away very emotionally impacted.

In week 4 of  A Heart Like His, the video presentation was about Christ and how we could see 5 priority relationships in His life.  Beth noted that for sound spiritual health we also need to be a part of these 5 groups.  Christ interacted with...

1.  The multitudes - (Mt 14:13-14, Acts 1:8).  Where Jesus bore witness of God's power in His life.

2.  The 72 - (Luke 10:1).  These are those we serve.  Those in our local body of believers.

3.  The 12 - (Matt 20:17).  The disciples. The place were we can grow spiritually.

4.  The 3 (Matt 26:36-38).  Christ's inner circle.  These friends know us better than any others, just like "the 3" knew Jesus more intimately than the others.

5.  The 1 (Matt. 26:38-39) - Beth says "These are times of intensive care when God beckons that we come to Him all by ourselves."

She elaborated on "the 1" and called this "A Place of 'Further Still.'"   This is the place that our inner circle friends cannot come with us.  This is the place that we may wrestle with God's will and where we go when we are overwhelmed or maybe surrounded with grief.  This is the place that the most serious matters our lives are settled and a place from which we must emerge changed.  Beth states that if God calls us to the place of "Further Still", don't stay with "the 3" because they will disappoint you.  God wants to call us to the place where only He can sustain us - where only He can supply our deepest need. 

Have you been to the place of "Further Still"?  I have been there too many times in the past several years.  I think this is why the video struck me so.  While Beth said that this place is the place we must go for healing where our inner circle friends cannot come with us, I have learned this is the place we also go when those same friends are ripped from our lives for whatever reason and we have no other place to go.   We must learn to encourage ourselves in Him (1 Sam 30:6) because our loved ones might not always be there.   

I have emerged from the place of "Further Still" a changed woman.  My inner circle has changed.  My reliance on God has changed.  Change, though painful at times, is not always a bad thing.

To contemplate:

1)  What does it look like to solely rely on God for my happiness, rather than on someone else?

2)  Am I interacting with people on all of the levels that Christ did?  If not, what can I do to become a part of these relationships?  Am I a part of a small group of believers that I can grow with spiritually?

3) How is my relationship with "The 1"?