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My Daddy's Bigger Than Your Daddy

Toughness and Tenderness

First of all, I must start by saying that approximately a year and a half ago I had a sleepless night because my poor old doggy was scared our of her little mind due to thunderstorms that passed through in the wee hours of the morning.  At the time, I was inspired to write this post.  What a difference time makes.  Tonight, we had some stronger storms than those pass through the Kansas City metro area, complete with hail, thunder & lightning, heavy rains and tornadoes in some parts, and my same dog was oblivious to everything.  Why?  Because she has lost some of her hearing and eyesight since that last storm that so inspired me.   It is kind of sad, really, as I watch her deteriorate.

So tonight as I see and hear the storms once again I am reminded of how small I am in the whole scheme of things.  I'm reminded of God's incredible power and I do want to sing praise for it as the Psalmist says in Psalm 21:13:

Be thou exalted, LORD, in thine own strength: so will we sing and praise thy power. 

What does it take to send "buckets" of rain down from the sky?  What does it take to send down balls of ice the size of baseballs down from the sky?  What does it take to send a lightning bolt from heaven to earth?  Power.  Awesome power.  Terrible power.

Do you "hear" and "see" God in this way, in His incredible power?  Or are you like my hard-of-hearing and half blind furball who has become desensitized to His majesty?  Seeing a glimpse of God in His potential destructiveness  is what produces true reverance in the believer.  It is this view that instills in us the fear of a Holy God that is the beginning of wisdom.  For when we understand His magnificence, it is then that we totally understand the meaning of grace.   We deserve His wrath, but throught Christ, we can have His love.

So, tonight when I turn off the lights I am going to rejoice in two things.  First, that my dog won't hear or see the lightning and thunder so I can get a good night's sleep.  Last but most surely not least, I will rejoice in God's mercy to me, a sinner deserving of His wrath, whom He gave the gift of eternal life through His son Jesus who bled and died for me.