God Will Make A Way
Handling Adversity


Have you ever noticed that the whole world is made up of cycles?  Our planet is in orbit around the sun, causing the cyclical pattern of the seasons in our years. Our earth spins round and round daily, giving us a cycle of sunrises and sunsets, day after day, year after year.  History has shown that our cultures cycle through seasons of prosperity and drought, sin and holiness.  Our very lives consist of ups and downs in our years, months and days.  Nothing, and none of us are exempt as we keep pressing on through time.

I finally finished the first  big "season" of Jewish history in my trek through my bible's pages. In recent months, I've seen good after bad king in the pages of the Kings and the Chronicles. I've seen the nations of Israel and Judah turn from good to bad to worse to good in its reverence of God, following its many various kings.  I've seen Israel and Judah cease to exist as nations because of the judgment of God.  Yet, at the end of "day", after God has decided in all of His sovereignty that the Jews had been in exile long enough, He stirs in the heart of a gentile king the desire to have His house rebuilt.  (2 Chr 36:23)  The return to Jerusalem of the Jews begins again and another cycle starts.

Where are you in your life "cycle"?  Are you up? down? somewhere in between?  If you are down, there is a new day for you too - a return to "Jerusalem".  The "up" is inevitable...eventually.  This morning as I look out my window on this beautiful almost spring but unseasonably warm day, I see that my maple tree is starting to bud.  A new season is upon us.  The red robins are back in town and we can just sense that spring is just around the corner after the harsh winter we just had.  Yes, life is full of cycles.  At least knowing this, we can know that things won't always stay the same.

To "cycle" through:

1) Where are you in your life's cycle?  Are you stuck?

2) Who do you rely on through the down parts?  Is it God or is it a person, job, ministry, etc.?

3) Do you fully believe that God will pull you through?  If not, why not?