Silent Speaking
A Sound of Rejoicing

Holy Ground

Then He said, "Do not draw near this place. Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground." - Exodus 3:5 NKJV

I read the above verse in the Daily Light devotional for today.  I was hurried this morning and rushed through my quiet time with God because I didn't get up early enough to take my time and still be able to get to work earlier than usual to complete a project for a deadline.  As I read the day's devotional about the holiness of God and how worthy He is to be worshiped, I thought about my lack of holiness in God's presence at that specific moment.  I was rushing, I was thinking about multitasking and writing this blog post while eating my oatmeal and that's when it hit me.  When I approach God each day during my quiet time with Him, do I always approach it as Moses approached that holy ground to which God was referring?

We should draw near to God.  He wants us to do so.  But when we do approach God, how do we approach Him?  How do we view His Word?   Most of our bibles say on their covers the words "Holy Bible". When we open our bibles, do we do it with reverence as if they are indeed holy?  Moses was terrified and awestruck in God's presence.  Shouldn't we be?  Yes, God loves us.  Yes, we shouldn't view him only as a terrifying God.  However, His Word and His name should be respected and revered, treated as priceless treasure.

Do you have a bible where you are right now?  If you don't, you can do this later.  If you do, find it and take it and grasp it in your hands.  Look at it.  Did you know that you are holding in your hands words from the very mind of the Creator of the universe?  Did you know that His words contained in that book you are holding are the most powerful and life changing words ever written?  They are holy.  Your bible is holy.  Holy.  We can hold holiness in our hands.

Does holiness deserve the multitasking mind?  I'm ashamed at how my mind wanders sometimes when I come before God in prayer or bible study.  I'm thinking right now about the times I've opened my bible to study out a passage or subject when I've approached the exercise as a mere task.  Did I take off my "sandals" before stepping on that "holy ground"?  Did I wholeheartedly hold my bible in my hands and think about how incredible it is that I have His word to hold?  Maybe sometimes I have, but I'm sure not every time.  But tomorrow is new day.  Actually, tonight is a new night.  Tonight, I will take off my "sandals", get on my knees, pray and thank God for His words to me.