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She Thinks I Think Too Much

Today as I read through my daily blog reads I happened to notice a little post by Carol over at She Lives.   Lo and behold, I saw my name mentioned or "tagged" in a new blog meme/award called the Thinking Blogger Award.

Thinkingblogger First, I say "Thank You, Carol" for your kind words and for letting me know that I make people think.  That is the goal of my blog, after all.  I love to pass on to everyone else what God has caused me to think about so I don't feel all alone! :)  My hope is that I make people think not because I don't make sense, but because God has pricked their hearts to become a little more like Him.

As a part of this "award", I am to pass this on, or tag, five other blogs who make me think.  Thank you, Ladies, for making me think.  Consider yourselves "tagged":

  1. Kim at Kimimela.com
  2. Vicki at Windows to My Soul
  3. Keziah at A Woman Who Fears the Lord
  4. Ann at Holy Experience of Listening
  5. The Ladies at Laced With Grace

To participate, just grab the picture, link it to its original website and tag your five!