The End of Faith
Hearing the Trumpet

Learning From Jesus

"Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." - Jesus, Mt 11:29-30 NKJV

If ever there was anyone on earth who had a lot of responsibilities, it was Jesus.  Think about it.  He performed miracles.  He trained up baby Christians.  He spoke to huge crowds while also providing them dinner.  Oh, and lest we forget, He was responsible for the salvation of the entire world.   Minor details.   Yet in spite of it all, Jesus says that his yoke is easy and his burden is light and that we can learn from him. 

Jesus' burden was light because he never did anything that was outside of God's will for his life.  Since he was God, God's will was a little easier to discern than it is for most of us, but that is beside the point.  :)  We should take note of how Jesus reacted in his life when faced with the responsibilities before him.   Think about the following:

1) Jesus never rushed. Jesus was so steadfast in fulfilling God's plan for His life that He would not be distracted by other things while taking care of the job at hand.  Think about the story of Lazarus.  Lazarus was dying - definitely a pressing & seemingly urgent problem - but Jesus did not rush to him.  Rather, He finished what he was doing at the time, and then went to him.  Because of the right timing, God's timing, more of God's glory was seen in Lazarus' case because Jesus was able to raise him from the dead, not just cure him of a disease.  God's timing is perfect.

2) Jesus never panicked.  I think of Jesus feeding the 5000 with a few loaves of bread in this case.  Planning meals for just my husband and dogs with my schedule and set of priorities is hard enough.  I can't imagine being cool-headed enough to take care of a mass of people while my assistants (the disciples) were in a panic.  Jesus never took on more than he could handle.  He never cracked under pressure.

3) Jesus never forsook time alone with God.  Jesus took care of himself by spending time alone in prayer and communion with his Father.  He managed his schedule so effectively that regardless of the miracles that needed performing, the people that needed healing and the parables that needed telling, he still had enough margin in his life to refuel to be the best he could be.  His schedule was managed because he was never outside of God's will for his life.

Jesus is definitely someone to learn from.  He is not asking us to do any more than he has equipped us to do or that we have time enough to do.  Plus, he is even willing to get in the "yoke" of responsibility with us.   He wants our burdens to be light.  Let's learn from him.

On your own:

1) What are you saying "yes" to that may be causing you to say "no" to the one thing God has for you to do?

2) Why is it so hard to let go of your "pet" projects?