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Armageddon At Arrowhead?

Could it be that Armageddon is coming to Kansas City's Arrowhead stadium tonight at 7:00 CST?   According to Jason Whitlock, sports columnist for the Kansas City Star, it is.  I suppose when you pit two college football teams and 80,000 crazy fans making up the second oldest rivalry in college football history together in a game that has BCS National Championship as well as Heisman Trophy implications, you might have a college football version of the "war" to end all wars.  Why am I posting about a football game, you might be thinking?  Because the game is MU (#3) vs KU (#2) and I am a Missouri Tiger! :)  Go Mizzou!   (NOTE: For more information regarding the game, its implications and rivalry, click here.)

Our city has been abuzz with trash talking fans and the hype of this game for weeks now and I have to say that I am glad that it is here.  Honestly, I want my Tigers to win and put an end to all of the "Who is best" talk once and for all.  I'll be glad when the game is over and even though God probably could care less who wins this football game, I am praying for a MU blowout so I'm not so stressed when I'm watching it tonight!  :)

But enough about football.  As I've listened to even more of the hype this past week (did I mention that people are saying this is the biggest sporting event ever in Kansas City?) I've wondered some things:

  1. How many people really know what "Armaggedon" is?
  2. What if there was as much buzz/talk going on in society about an even bigger "battle" - the battle for men's souls?  Good vs. evil?  Heaven and hell?  Jesus vs. other religions?
  3. How can we Christians get as pumped up for the cause of the Truth - Jesus being the way the truth and the life, no one coming to God except through Him as the bible says?
  4. What would our world look like if all of the people in it professing to be Christians actually started reading their bibles, living out its Truths and becoming excited about its power to change lives?
  5. How can God use me to help people to have the passion for things of God like they have it for their favorite sports team?
  6. Does who wins this game really matter in the whole scheme of world history?

I'll stop there with my questions, partly because I got a wee bit convicted when I had to answer a resounding "yes" to #6.   The result of the game does matter.   Its a pride thing. I know that  it really doesn't matter in the whole eternity picture.  I'll remember that especially if my Tigers lose.  But if they win ... well... I'll try to keep my elation intact.  May the best team win!  Ahh ... but I digress from the real point of this post.  The hype is getting to me.

In all seriousness though, how would you answer the questions above?  Think about them.  Mull them over and think about what things could look like if we were all as excited about the important things as we are about a football game.  And then ask yourself, "What is my role in this exciting game we call life?" 


Janna Rust is a Life Coach and Speaker dedicated to encouraging others towards lives God intends for them.  For more information, visit her at www.purposefulpartnerships.com.