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What an interesting week I have had.  It has been a week of surprises, good and bad.  It has passed both fast and slow.  I've been both focused and scattered.  I can't believe that I haven't posted here since Wednesday.  And today with this post, I have so many things to say that I can't find one thing to say.  What an interesting dilemma.  So, I think that I will just post here some random things I have learned or relearned through this past week.  As with all good learning, all can be tied to key points in the bible.  While I have not posted the verses here because I have not taken the time to look them up, I'm sure I could find a reference for all of my key points.  That can be your homework assignment.  :)  Then we can all learn from my life.

I have learned...

  • Less of me means more for you.  In speaking twice this week and having to deal with a lot of unexpected personal issues in my family, I've learned that the more I let God take charge, the better I can be for everyone else. 
  • There is freedom in structure.  This may seem like a paradox but it is true.  Knowing that I've scheduled time in my week for work, physical fitness, ministry & time with friends allows me to live in the moment rather than in worry that I will not finish all that I need to do.
  • God's message of hope transcends all generations.  The good news of the Gospel is not old news but a reminder of the hope it provides speaks to young and old alike.  It's power never ceases.
  • An authentic friend is a rare gift from God.  We should make time each week to nurture the relationships in our lives.   
  • Slowing down speeds up progress.  By seeking God's direction through prayer, we can do less but accomplish more.  Strange but true.

This isn't all that I have learned this week.  I'm going to mull over some of my more skeptical "learnings" and save my public thoughts regarding them for another day when I am sure they are truths worth sharing.  What have you learned or re-learned this week that you can build on in the upcoming week? 


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