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Excuses, Excuses

But Moses said to God, "Who am I that I should go to Pharoah, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?" - Exodus 3:11 NKJV

When it comes down to it, Moses was no different than we are, was he? God asked him to do something and he came up with all kinds of excuses for why he wasn't the man for the job.   As you read through the list of Moses' excuses, ask yourself "Have I ever said the same thing to God's call on my life?"

  1. Who am I? (Ex 3:11)  Moses didn't feel qualified.
  2. Who is sending me? (Ex 3:13) Moses didn't know God well enough to describe him to others.
  3. What if they don't listen to me? (Ex 4:1)  Moses was intimidated.
  4. I am not a good speaker. (Ex 4:10)  Moses felt inadequate.
  5. You can find someone else, can't you? (Ex 4:13)  Moses felt inferior when he compared himself to others.

I think it is interesting that God did not take "No" for an answer.  After every excuse, God replied with reassurance that He would not only provide what Moses needed to do the work, but He also reminded Moses of how big He was.  Moses was not alone.  Moses had God at His side.  And so do we.  With God at our side helping us to achieve His God-sized goal for our lives, we cannot fail. That should keep us from making excuses. 

For further thought:

  • What is God asking you to do in your life that you feel is bigger than your capabilities?
  • How would you fill in the blanks to this question?

Who am I that I should ______________________ and that I should __________________?

  • How big is your God?  How can He help you do what He has called you to to?  Ask Him to provide what you need.


Janna Rust is a Professional Coach and Speaker dedicated to encouraging others towards lives God intends for them.  For more information, visit her at www.purposefulpartnerships.com.