The Peril of Passivity
Holy Violence


So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God. - Romans 8:8 NKJV

Newsflash:  I am not perfect, even though I had the "perfect" post written today before it disappeared into cyberspace when I tried to save it.  Yes, I had the perfect post.  I had a scripture reference and even a personal example, albeit without the personal details to protect the innocent (or guilty, depending on the reader's perspective).  I even had some really good questions with which to challenge Bread Crumbs' few readers in their spiritual walk.  However, the post was not meant to be, but rather this one was, inspired by my response to the disappearance of the post.

I suppose, this new post is more inspired than the last as I've been thinking "What Would Jesus NOT Do? or WWJND?"  The letters WWJD have become commonplace in Christian circles, challenging us all to ask ourselves the question "What Would Jesus Do?" before taking action.  I think though that we could also benefit by thinking about what Jesus would not do.  Actually, thinking about what Jesus would probably NOT do in a particular instance just might provide a little clearer picture about his character. 

Take for example my reaction to my disappearing post.  I am pretty positive that Jesus wouldn't have screamed and slammed his hand down on his desk while trying to withstand an urge to throw his mouse or keyboard through the computer screen.    I'm not sure exactly what Jesus would have done, but I know that he wouldn't have behaved as I did.  Case in point.  A temper tantrum is just not easy to pin on Jesus.  There is no way to rationalize the tantrum as good and proper behavior for the King of the Universe.   

Jesus always pleased God because he did not live in a manner where his "self" or "flesh" took control of his life.  We would do well to do the same by taking a look at the things we do and think and ask ourselves "Would Jesus do or think this?"  Then, we can come at our issues from both sides - WWJD and WWJND.


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