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Unity, New Age & Oprah

Once again, I am compelled to depart from my "traditional" post on this blog to stand for the absolute truth of the bible.  Why this time?  Because Saturday's edition of the Kansas City Star, my hometown newspaper, featured an article entitled "Oprah's remarks rile some evangelical Christians". 

The article is pretty straightforward about how Oprah's most famous (or maybe infamous) book club choice, Eckart Tolle's "New Earth" has upset many Christians.  It should rile all Christians.  In addition, the author interviews Paula Coppel, VP of Communications for Unity Church.  In the interview, Coppel says:

"I have to wonder if Oprah's critics have read Tolle's book or watched any of the Web series beyond the inflammatory clips on YouTube."

"Unity teaches that there are many paths to God, that no one path is right or wrong."

I have three questions:

1) Why is it assumed that Tolle's book hasn't been read by those who disagree with it?

2) Have the proponents of Tolle's book read The Book, the Bible?

3) How can a person be a Christian (defined as a believer in Christ as the only way to heaven/God) and profess that there are many paths to God?

Dear readers, I have read Eckart Tolle's book completely.  Its teachings do not line up with Christianity.  I'll be posting on some of these teachings in some future posts.  Please examine your faith with an objective mind in light of what God, the author of Truth says in the Bible.  If your belief system doesn't align with it, then please ask why and diligently seek out the answer. There is nothing more important in your life than this.

All roads do not lead to God.  A sincere belief in something wrong just makes someone sincerely wrong.  Your eternal soul's destiny depends on what you believe.  You owe it to yourself to search for the Truth.

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