I'll Go If You Go
Experiencing God

Show Me Thy Way

My blogging friend Kansas Bob asked in a comment on my last post how I experienced God's presence.  Before I write my post about it, I have a real recent example I will share now.  Here goes:

As I sat down last evening to write a post to answer, I realized that I had a post to write for Laced With Grace.  Because it was late, I asked God to direct me to a post from a couple of years ago to republish over there since most of those readers haven't read some of my older stuff.  In fact, I don't even remember some of what I've written!  :)

In less than a minute by total "accident", I happened upon a post that expands upon some of the same verses that I spoke of in my post yesterday.  Not to mention that I will used this "new" material as I write my retreat on the rest God provides for His people.  Way cool!

I'm smiling as I type this, because I know that in some small way, I did experience God last night.  Please go check out my post at Laced With Grace, to learn more about how God can provide direction for our lives.  Tomorrow, I'll be back with more of how I experience God in my life.

Hope to see you there!