Man Does Not Know His Time

Focus on Today

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.  Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." - Mt 6:34 NKJV

It only takes a brief glance at the stockbrokers on Wall Street to see that there can be trouble enough in one day to sufficiently wreak havoc on the nerves.  Up and down and down the stock market goes.  The world's financial markets are indeed in a mess.  We are all concerned, but what are we to do?

Jesus lectures about worry in the 6th chapter of Matthew as part of the famous "Sermon on the Mount".  I have to think that He was speaking of financial troubles because the mention of worry occurs after He exhorts the crowd to get their priorities straight and focus on working for spiritual treasures rather than earthly riches.  (Mt 6:19-21)  After preaching that man can't serve both God and worldliness, He tells His followers not to worry about food, shelter and clothing.  He says that God will provide for them just as He provides for nature's creatures.  These words are perfect for today as the unemployment rate is soaring and investment values are plummeting.  People are definitely worried.

Does worry really accomplish anything?  Most often it does not, except for maybe bringing on a migraine or high blood pressure.  Jesus gave some good advice here, advice we'd all be wise to follow.  Following a mental parade of "what ifs" running around in our minds is not only unhealthy and unproductive, it would appear that it is unbiblical.  Therefore, we need to let God worry about the future while we take care of the present.  It is always easier to tackle problems as they come because then they are known. 

What problems are on your mind?  How often do you find yourself worrying?  Take some time today and read Matthew 6:19-34.  Write down one of these verses on a notecard or post it note to have handy when worry comes your way.  God's Word can calm your anxious mind.

For further thought:

One method of dealing with fear or worry is to try to imagine what the worse case scenario might be in your situation.  If you can live with the absolute worse case, which most likely won't come to pass, then your worries will be substantially relieved.


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